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monster bar stool

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air shelves & storage

floating furniture designed by you.


tom dixon melt pendant

attractive, luminous and now in stock.


little tulip

the perfect equilibrium.


modular kitchen living

design your own kitchen in the sky.


glottman moooi




glottman cor




introducing wasara tableware

a glottman #necessory

WASARA was born from a desire to design tableware that perfectly complements the dishes you serve and creates a heartwarming and comfortable setting, even though it can only be used once. At the foundation of WASARA is the legacy of the Japanese aesthetic and values: traditional craftsmanship based on incomparable technical skill, one of the most refined food cultures in the world, and a spirit placing utmost importance on hospitality and courtesy to others.

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A single place where you can do anything you please, without having to move a single step. Read, watch a film, listen to music, make phone calls, work, talk to family and friends, play, celebrate, eat, drink, relax . . .


Seating element, backrest and corner-rest. Trio comprises just these three simple elements, which offer an almost endless range of combinations — in just a few moves.


Mell has now found its way into the living room as a small suite. Adopted from the elegant Mell easy chair, the high back and armrests give the sofa a flowing momentum. Mell has a tidy appearance, but not at the expense of comfort.

new release : couture arm chair

created by fredrik färg & emma marga blanche, the couture armchair is result of a technique known as Wood Tailoringtm. developed over the years at their studio in Stockholm, these two young designers have created patterns that have an aesthetic value within themselves and offer artisanal results.

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salon del mobile milan 2016 is here!

for 55 years, salone del mobile has cemented its position as the international benchmark for the furnishing and design community. as a global platform for leading international designers, lighting and furniture manufacturers, salone del mobile shapes the culture of design and gives us a real-time look into evolving trends that eventually make their way to our showroom.

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