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if you haven’t seen our superb collection of tom dixon products, what are you waiting for?

this is the perfect chance to explore a collection formed from honest and resilient materials, including furniture, lighting, table-top dining accessories, bowls, vases, scented candles, diffusers and design objects for the home and office.

and, it’s all on sale from 10/1/2015 – 10/18/2015.

shop the tom dixon collection at our showroom or online at www.glottman.com. we’re here monday – friday 10am – 6pm and saturday 12pm – 8pm.



the cube office collection: minimalist and heavyweight design, these artifacts are perfect for the modern desktop or the sophisticated study. family also includes a tape holder, stapler, pens, pen.


the mirror ball from tom dixon: a highly reflective shade inspired by the space helmet. the mirror ball is created by exploding a thin layer of pure metal onto the internal surface of a polycarbonate globe. one of the most iconic products in the collection, it can be used solo or in multiples to create a dramatic feature.


the melt from tom dixon: with melt, tom dixon experiments in the technologically advanced field of vacuum metalization. melt is a distorted lighting globe born from a collaboration with a radical swedish design collective called front. melt is translucent when on and mirror finish when off. its internal luminosity is visible in full daylight. also available in copper and gold.


the cog collection from tom dixon: the cog collection, which includes the candelabra, candle holder, desk tidy, container and cone, is formed in brass plated solid aluminium.


the etch web from tom dixon (right): one of the most iconic products in the collection, the mirror ball can be used solo or in multiples to create a dramatic feature. also available in 25cm and 40cm and can be used with a pendant or floor fitting, and in multiples using the pendant system.