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White is the protagonist of the scene and accents of pale gray and silver tones define much of the character of this apartment, which is set against the blue sea background of Sunny Isles Beach, in Miami-Dade County.

Text by: mariana arango
Photos courtesy of: archivo particular

to maximize the social area and give priority to the spectacular view were the two objectives of a couple in Chicago, which acquired this residence on a floor 20 to escape the cold and spend the holidays with friends and family.

The spacious area, frank and generous, was distributed in such a way that could be used for different activities. “Customers did not want a formal dining room, but cozy areas where you can sit, eat, watch TV or simply meet to have a conversation,” says interior designer Fanny Haim, who arranged the furniture to encourage all these uses and articulate areas.

Customers also expressed their desire to have a modern, fresh and sophisticated apartment, that will be etched in the memory of its visitors. Therefore, Haim used white and gray tones with touches of aubergine color to “create a photographic effect, as if it were images in black and white.” Similarly, the interest is given by the juxtaposition of different textures that create warmth and atmosphere to the decor.

In terms of the woodwork, wood panels leaden gray envelop all the common area, and hide the bar and space for work requested by the client, who longed to sit next to the window, perform their duties from the desktop and watch TV all at the same time. For the walls, the polished stucco gives a rich texture and a fresh, new look, while the floors are marble of a pearl exquisite and continuous linear streak of gray, white and ivory, which due to its installation mode produces the space a feeling of spaciousness.

His style, which does not exceed the limits of classical and modern, but finds a perfect balance between the two, provides a sustainable housing over the years.

my desire is that whenever you enter one of my projects, after a while, it still remains relevant,” said the Colombian designer who for over thirty years has been based in Miami and is the owner of the firm Fanny Haim & Associates.

This apartment ends with a spectacularly complete, spacious and very present view. Social areas and master bedroom overlook the ocean and other rooms project a panoramic to the Intracoastal Waterway, which allows us to appreciate the passage of ships during the day and enjoy the city lights at night, completely changing the perspective.