beds that float. beds like clouds.

clouds like beds. weightless beds. transformable beds. invisible beds. ethereal and sexy beds. beds amazing. amazing beds. they float on air, these amazing beds.

lago air bed is a lightweight, transformable bed. the base for the bed is suspended on four almost invisible sheets of glass, which creates a sensation of amazing lightness. thanks to the complete transparency of the extra-clear tempered glass, the bed seems to float and it is like sleeping on a cloud.

air is also a transformable bed, which draws on the concept behind the air sofa, where elements like backrests, shelves and drawers can be attached anywhere on the frame, and even bookshelving can be setup to run along the entire perimeter of the bed.

in addition to the air bed, you can now sleep suspended in the air, with fluttua, the world’s first suspended bed, defying the forces of gravity and supported by a single height-adjustable leg. it is an essential design that gives shape to the lightness of dreams and emotions. available in two variants: rectangular and round.

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air bed
design by daniele lago

air lets you enjoy the sensation of sleeping while floating in the air. you can also place a light under the base of the bed, to create a singular scenographic effect. with the lights turned off, this flying carpet inspires not only sleep, but also dreams.

air wildwood bed
design by daniele lago

adding a wooden headboard to the already marvelous air bed creates the air wildwood, a striking piece that can also be set up in the middle of the room for a stunning effect. the wood used for the headboard is tactile and full of emotion, thanks to the texture of the wood grain, which makes each bed unique and original.

fluttua bed
design by daniele lago

supported by a single leg, the fluttua bed seemingly levitates. choose between a glass or leather headboard, which can be covered with fabric or Eco leather or you can choose a Wildwood headboard, which creates a welcoming atmosphere with the warmth of its wood. you can even customize it to fit your little one’s bedroom for an exciting look.

cloud bed
design by daniele lago | young collection

a nest suspended among the clouds, where little ones can go to read, play or relax in a soft, cosy dimension. designed with a minimal line, the cloud bed is equipped with an extremely solid & secure wall attachment that seemingly defies gravity.

lagolinea weightless bed
design by daniele lago | young collection

like a tree house, the suspended lagolinea weightless bed explores the dimension of play in children’s rooms. the suspension makes it possible to create a new space inside the room for toys, storage, a desk or a second bed. just think of all the adventures it will inspire!

gizmo bed
design by daniele lago | young collection

a welcoming corner in any child's room. the gizmo bed is an efficient, inspiring furniture solution for small spaces where the bed cannot be placed in the middle of the room. it can be accessorized with pullout storage containers, invaluable allies in small bedrooms.

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