konstantin grcic opened the extrusions collection for bd barcelona with the table b in 2009. grcic has been inspired by classic bd pieces, such as the hypóstila shelf unit (in production since 1979), in developing a tabletop of extruded aluminium with a minimal profile and for lengths of up to 500 cm.

now the family grows with the big table b, same concept, same design, but with a wider top, 150 cm. its apparent simplicity hides a complex technical development in which senior engineers have been involved. in counterpoint, the production also includes several manual processes. the result is a highly crafted piece with all the character of the german designer. big table b is available in various finishes, in silver or black anodized aluminium; or laminated in a simil oak or in color.

for more information about the bit table b or other bd barcelona products, contact glottman @ 305.438.3711 or shop the collection at glottman.com.