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carefully curated and delicately selected, our top and exclusive brands feature something not often found in the world of furniture, customization. with the ability to select color, finishes, fabric and more, glottman mimo is the ultimate destination for designers and customers alike.


are elegant portals through which life can pass to and fro. with their array of finishes that reveal unique textures, our doors slide, light up, open automatically and can even swing both ways (sometimes). with laura meroni & res italia at the helm of our doors, any space can open itself up and with glottman, any bespoke door system can be yours.

cor collection

a classic line that is over 60 years old and has seen its share of awards and prestige, cor will always have a home at glottman mimo. with its beautiful and quality materials, it’s no wonder cor is one of the world’s most innovative furniture makers. cor is one of those brands that just gets it.

kinnasand rugs & textiles

kinnasand produces subtle yet clear nordic designs for contemporary homes. to do so, the company draws on over 200 years of experience manufacturing unique, high-quality textiles and carpets. the visionary products are characterized by individuality and attention to detail. made from the very best materials, they are crafted by the world’s finest weavers using state-of-the-art technologies. this is in line with the very best glottman has to offer. we invite you to visit glottman mimo to see, touch and feel the delicate beauty that is kinnasand.

exclusive lago dealer

the italian luxury design brand lago, featured exclusively at glottman mimo, fits seamlessy with glottman alive-our new concept for living that bridges the divide between cozy comfort and contemporary design. with lago you are the designer, as their modular method of customizing furniture makes it easy to create to your heart’s content.