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Inside these pages you will view the forward-thinking and inspired work of recognized architects such as Oscar Glottman.

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Inspired by all facets of art and its constant evolution from exposure to outside influences, Oscar Glottman inexhaustibly seeks all types of art during his travels. This keeps his designs fresh, invigorated and reinforces his guiding design philosophies. The Colombian-born architect had been trained in classic, traditional design in Miami before leaving for London to further his training. While studying there, he literally had an eye-opening experience.

He discovered different forward-thinking design perspectives and the ideas struck a cord within him. Developing a unique “edge,” he broadened his design scope on the ideal that there is an indisputable relationship between all components of construction and how they can transcend the general attitude of architecture and interior design.

In 1988 He opened Oscar Glottman Designs as a full service architecture firm with interior capabilities. Seeking to broaden his clients’ resources for quality, contemporary components, in 2001 he opened a showroom that included what his clients had demanded but what was, at times, scarce. His firm has evolved into an architecture firm and design store with in-house licensed architects who assure the most professional backup in specification of design products and systems. This enables the firm to offer the entire gamut of specialized services from home design — to implementation — to interior design as each part is inherently related.

as a contemporary designer, he realizes Oscar is saddled with the responsibility of shifting
any misconceptions one might have regarding modern, contemporary design. It is a difficult genre, and
when done incorrectly can convey a cold, discomfort. Oscar is very passionate about explaining that
contemporary means “of right now.” There has been an amazing revolution in contemporary design of
which Oscar is excited to be a part. Contemporary design “now absorbs life and becomes comfort.”

He works with the architectural space inside out, in essence “backwards.” In his opinion architecture is “the product of the analysis of people’s living spaces.” How does the client want the room to feel? How will the client live in each room? His designs make the most use of space and are designed for total use, floor to ceiling. The biggest differences in design architecture can be captured by lighting, either by strategically placed windows or quality lighting fixtures.

Miami offers the perfect canvas for Oscar’s work. With many seasonal residents choosing to have a home in the area, condominium living is at all-time popularity. This is where Oscar can flex his design muscles. With careful attention to detail and respect to scale, he designs as well on 1,500 square-foot condominiums as 7,000 square-foot estates, demonstrating his flexibility.

The world of architecture and design has taken notice. Recently, Oscar Glottman was named as one of South Florida’s top 10 designers by Florida Inside Out magazine.