sustainable ideas go a long way, as the redevelopment of one of our most successful chair models proves. in 2015, fino by holger janke has become more elegant and comfortable, and surprises with a sleek silhouette. higher foam proportions in the upholstery provide more cozy-ness. due to their slightly conical shape, the backrests invite you to sit back and relax. different frame variants are also available to create a personal favorite in fabric or leather. the furniture corpus can be combined with a chrome-plated or lacquered wire frame, oak or walnut wood as well as a swiveling central column.

to purchase fino from cor, contact glottman @ 305.438.3711 or shop glottman.com.

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holger janke

holger janke

holger janke was born in 1964 and belongs to a group of young lions in the design world. initially trained as a woodcarver, he went on to study industrial design in kiel before joining the design studio “wilkhahn entwicklungsgesellschaft”. whilst on work experience during his college year he worked alongside leo lübke in the development of the contract office range. in 1995, he designed a further range of furniture.