5 tips for creating clustered lighting

1. atmosphere: consider the existing light conditions and then play to their strengths: dark rooms lend themselves to an installation that throws a mass of shadows, whereas brighter spaces might call for a warmer light.

2. space: clustered lighting can emphasize the vertical height of a tall room, adding drama. in smaller rooms, bring the pendants closer together to create an intimate space.

3. function: hanging multiple pendants above a dining table or kitchen counter draws the eye in and creates a central point of focus. consider how you use a space and which area is key to its function, then highlight it.

4. shape: grouping pendants of different shapes will emphasize their sculptural qualities. while clustering a single pendant many times can create new shapes and forms through repetition. add a little space between pendants of a different size to give the impression of floating celestial bodies.

5. color: each light offers its own spectrum of color and luminosity. update a room by choosing pendants that will complement.