the little book of
big penis | $9.99

by dian hanson

the little book of big penis features over 150 massively endowed models from the 1940s through the 90s, including photos by bob mizer of amg, david hurles of old reliable, rip colt of colt studio, craig calvin anderson of sierra domino, hal roth of filmco, jim jaeger of third world studios, falcon studios, mike arlen, fred bisonnes, carlos quiroz, and charles hovland in a compact and inexpensive soft-cover format. photos come not just from the original over-stuffed 384-page edition, but from subsequent big penis calendars, meaning that 30% of the content is unique to this edition. add a reduced text to make more room for the stunning black-and-white and color photos and how could anyone—big, small, or just right—ask for a better deal?
Flexicover 4.7 x 6.5 in. 192 pages
multilingual edition: english, french, german

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