skate mirror

by suck uk
The Skate Mirror is made from stainless steel and mirrored glass, as well as genuine skate trucks. Hang it vertically or horizontally or simply prop it up in the corner of the room, do any of these things – but please don’t skate on it, after all it is a Skateboard Mirror not a mirror skateboard, a very important difference! let this beautiful design piece evoke all the reckless abandon of your youth!

dimensions + specifications

Technical Specifications

Materials and environmental
Metal (Stainless Steel) : 1.720 Kg Highly recyclable. Will not rust or corrode. 44%

Glass (Mirrored ) : 1.180 Kg Highly recyclable. 30%

Metal (Aluminium) : 0.980 Kg Highly recyclable. Durable. Lightweight. Will not rust or corrode.


depth : 755mm
Height : 130mm
Width : 190 mm
Weight : 3.880 kg

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