tetra kinematics
31n | $80

by nervous system

the tetra style features organic extrusions. varying the size of the underlying triangular framework results in a morphing, undulating landscape of smoothed tetrahedrons.
kinematics jewelry naturally and comfortably molds to the body’s contours, highlighting the complex and subtly shifting patterns of each piece. this is 21st-century jewelry, designed and manufactured using techniques that did not exist until recently. this necklace is built up layer-by-layer in strong but slightly flexible nylon plastic using selective laser sintering, a kind of 3d printing.

color: white, black
material: polished 3D-printed nylon
size: 6.5 x 6.4 x 0.6 in
necklace length is 15.3 in
weight: 1 ounces

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