couture crafted clutches + purses
join glottman and artktr for the exclusive world premiere launch of “lúkaha”, a limited series of one of a kind couture crafted clutches + purses conceived by artist pepe villegas in collaboration with fashion illustrator juan diaz and design consultant oscar glottman.

“lúkaha” clutches + purses are collectable, handcrafted art objects. each object is an alchemy of refashioned components transformed into a new art object detailed with original art and comes with an architectural display that disassembles into a signature jewelry box.

innovative, quirky and highly-personalized, “lúkaha” is an object of desire speaking to us and inviting us to look within and discover that we, too, are greater than the sum of our parts. join glottman for an intimate v.i.p. unveiling + cocktail reception of our latest find from the world of art & design this thursday, January 21st from 6 – 10:30 pm @ the glottman showroom.

i’d like to rsvp for “lúkaha”

see you there!

until then,

oscar glottman

p.s. limited space available.

ARTKTR : ARTKTR is an innovative and resourceful team of like minded artists and dear friends with experience in the art and design industries coming together in an enthusiastic brainstorm, creating and manifesting our highest potential in unison.

LÚKAHA : Lúkaha is a fascinating creation of collaborating components – an alchemy of their previous utilitarian intention through an experimental process of deconstruction and reinvention. Lúkaha rescues that memory contained in the diversity of its elements and glorifies it with a new and repurposed life.

GLOTTMAN : Glottman Ante Prima is a design showroom curated with a unique vision. Glottman’s showroom features products from around the world that are about mood, energy and quality of life.