lights on at glottman

three words that are synonymous with viabizzuno: so freaking ahhhmazing!

that’s why viabizzuno is glottman’s go to resource when it comes to innovative and contemporary lighting projects. its systems are extraordinarily technical, yet mesmerizingly beautiful. with viabizzuno, tiny spaces or massive ones are transformed into intimately vibrant ecosystems.

schedule a free consultation or just stop by glottman’s wynwood showroom, home of our viabizzuno installation, and get to know how we can bring your space to light. like i said, amazing!

you’ll be happy you did.

check out this focus on glottman lighting design (using viabizzuno) and this wonderful collaboration with borges architects and a very talented client/architect yielded jewel interiors in miami! (pics below)

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for the past 20 years, viabizzuno has been making design its reason for living. “to design is a way of being, thinking and acting. to design is the building of ourselves, to design is to go strongly towards improvement. we make the culture of light and we create well-being through the light”.