playful and futuristic atmospheres define the style of a miami residence

project by: oscar glottman
original Text by: mario gerosa | translated to english
Photos courtesy of: giulio oriani & beatrice vergani

original article published by architectural digest november 2007 | english translation by suzanne hand.

the house of barbara becker in miami is joyful, luminous. like her. when she describes it, she beams continuously, and emits, to all who listen, her “joie de vivre”, leaving one the impression that this house mimics her character. she has furnished it in her own image. she wanted it lively, fresh and imaginative. in every one of the large white rooms a passion for life comes into play and one is aware of the tastes of a woman very attentive to current trends.

the house is situated in front of the ocean on one of the venetian islands. the outside is colonial style, the inside a surprise. past the front door, going through the tiled facade, one wouldn’t expect to find oneself immersed in a “space age” atmosphere, with the “bubble chair” of eero aarnio, the plastic furniture of the 1960’s, the sculptures of androids from “star wars” and the lamps that seem to have escaped from the documentary “ufo”, discovered in the gallery of gustavio olivieri, an antiques dealer with galleries in both miami and new york. but don’t be mistaken; one doesn’t find furniture of just one motif. “all is born from the taste of the moment,” to emphasize the owner of the house, who decorated the interior in collaboration with the architectural project of oscar glottman.

“it is a conglomeration of styles,” explains barbara becker, active as an entrepreneur of fashion and as an actress in the theatre and on television. “i travel alot, see things that i like and am left fascinated by an object, by some particular. then, around that detail, i create the room, following my instinct.”

the residence in miami is inspired above all from the styles of the 1960’s and 70’s; that, however, doesn’t represent the only passion of the owner. “in germany, i visited a home from the 1920’s, with many art deco elements, and recently, too, i lived in a house from the 1940’s. i like change and to renovate, too, the interior styles and furniture of a house.”

barbara becker, originally from monaco di baiera, the ex-wife of the tennis player boris becker, lives in miami with two sons, noah gabriel, 13 and elias balthasar, 8. one plays the drums and other takes piano lessons, and both render these rooms even more playful–a lively atmosphere that also speaks of the spirit of miami.

barbara becker, fascinating forty year old who is drawing crowds with her dvds of pilates lessons, loves miami, likes to jog on the beach, to stay in contact with nature. she feels at home here, and has also found a bakery that makes four-grain bread. but, when we ask her if miami could be a city that creates trends, she smiles: “miami is not a city tied to style; it is comprised of its own colors, the sky and music. and this will never be out of style.”