be bold:

glottman sets to re-open.

create your own universe. without fear. without compromise. that’s the basic guiding philosophy that drives me. it also drives everything that we do around here at glottman–even when it comes to ordering lunch.

the newly revamped glottman showroom, which comes alive next week, is a uniquely organic environment that emerges from my quirkily supercalifragilistic & unifying vision of art, design & architecture. the new showroom challenges even my expectations for what a luxury retail furniture store can and should be. the rules simply don’t apply, except for maybe the laws of physics and the cfo’s iron fist.

in the end, the new showroom creates the possibility for an invigorating and inspiring shopping experience, at least in my humble opinion. get ready to linger. get ready to be inspired. get ready to visit. oh, and bring friends. see you next week.

until then,
oscar glottman

paper walletpaper wallet is a new brand we’ll feature when the showroom re-opens. made with tyvek, this paper thin but extremely durable material is tear resistant and 100% water resistant. the origami folded structure is specifically designed to hold all your things and expand with use while keeping its shape and structural integrity into the long term. this wallet will last you years. get on the list. pre-order your paper wallet today @ i want a paper wallet, please.