a patented product for rooms with a design edge, the 36e8 rug continues the modular concept of the 36e8 system and the dimensions of the modules themselves. the rug modules can be configured and reconfigured however and whenever you like, vertically, horizontally or obliquely, and are hooked together using a velcro system. available in flat and curly finishes and a range of colours.

lago took a rug and divided into pieces. gave them the same dimensions as the modules of the 36e8 system, so you can have a modular rug that lets you change the look of your living room or bedroom whenever you want. never the same rug twice, it can always be changed, so it evolves with you.

to purchase the 36e8 rug, contact glottman @ 305.438.3711 or shop glottman.com.

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