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cloud bed

Designed for children’s rooms, the cloud bed creates an intimate space that shelters their dreams.

36e8 madeterraneo kitchen

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salon del mobile 2016 : lago

new products

lago never stops designing new furnishings for all areas of the house and we never stop making sure they are immediately available to you. straight from salon del mobile in italy, the new lago products that were displayed at the milan design week 2016 are here.

we know how important it is find the perfect gift. from home accessories & jewelry to innovative gadgets & books, there is something for everyone. so why don’t you stop by today and see why our little things are making a big impression.


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pilotis is in the house

available now > sitting in state: not here. pilotis wants to be lived in. that is the reason for the deep seat and reclining elements – angled or straight – which are more than open to a playful connection with tables and shelves. the optional extension increases the height of the back and armrest and enhances one of the best features of pilotis.

new release : couture arm chair

created by fredrik färg & emma marga blanche, the couture armchair is result of a technique known as Wood Tailoringtm. developed over the years at their studio in Stockholm, these two young designers have created patterns that have an aesthetic value within themselves and offer artisanal results.