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carrara marble, quarried from the northernmost tip of tuscany, is one of the world’s most sought after materials. used since the time of ancient rome, michelangelo chose the famed marble to sculpt the pietá—considered a masterpiece of renaissance sculpture.

in 2015, janos héder and judit zoltai, founders of manooi lighting, established inarchi—a new lighting brand that uses timeless materials, such as onyx and carrara marble, and technological innovation to create products that exist in a pure, minimalist state.

“inarchi represents the antithesis of their sister-brand. their lighting fixtures are the ultimate statement in minimalist sculptural design and outline,” said oscar glottman.

inarchi embodies the art of minimalism, where every millimeter is accounted for and craftsmanship cumulates into uncluttered designs, unprecedented aesthetic value, and profound functionality.

enter: the geo from inarchi. (see images below.)

maybe it’s the ominous spherical shape, the offset center-point, or the undeniable beauty of the onyx and carrara stones, or the warm light of the led bulb used inside this sculptural lamp—whatever it is—the geo is phenomenal!

for more information about the geo or other lighting products from inarchi, visit the glottman showroom, call our sales team at 305.438.3711 or send us an email inquiry here. we’re here monday – friday 10am – 6pm and saturday 12pm – 8pm.



the geo from inarchi.


the geo from inarchi.


the geo from inarchi.



the ono from inarchi: the ono is a wall sconce with a polished stone face and bronze ring with high-performance led light. the wall lamp with polished carrara marble face features a circular metal ring to direct the light from inside. the exterior ring may be white or natural copper finish.


the light beam from inarchi: each beam is made from a single piece of marble cut by water jets. the fixture shines both direct and indirect light through the body of the lamp, accentuating the unique color and transparency of each piece.


the light beam from inarchi: this waterjet-cut, extremely slim marble element with multiple slim outline LED light sources is available as single beam (background) or frame (foreground).


carrara marble quarry, northern tuscany.