change the way you light

lighting heals, soothes, invigorates and comforts. the right lighting literally means the difference between well-being and simply being. glottman architectural lighting design solutions incorporates the principles of energy and psychology to design for a ‘state of mind’ that meets an individual’s needs.

our experience and access to leading global lighting brands enables glottman to change the way you light and impact the way you live. glottman offers clients a 5 step project development plan that puts you at the center of the process. we…

  • listen: yes, we listen to you. we want to hear your ideas, know what you want to achieve and brainstorm together to find creative solutions for your individual needs.
  • research: innovation and years of experience with our extensive network of international brands provide practical solutions for highly complex design challenges.
  • design: as your ideas come to life, design schematics and project schedules are created. every idea and every detail is thoroughly reviewed and documented to ensure success.
  • create: you’ve dreamed about this for a long time and now your design aspirations are ready to come to life. installation begins and our team is there on-site to facilitate and guide the creation process. from day one to the last day, the glottman team of designers and technicians leads the creation of the
  • project and navigates any challenges that may emerge.
  • relief: it’s time to sit back and smile. enjoy the environment you’ve created for yourself. it’s time to live. and love.

visit the glottman showroom and experience the power of lighting to transform the way you live. our groundbreaking collection of lighting brands will turn you on. we’re here monday – friday 10am – 6pm and saturday 12pm – 8pm.


schedule a private one-on-one lighting design consultation @ 305.438.3711 or email info {at} glottman.com.