tradition + modernity

kinnasand is the real deal. for 200+ years, kinnasand has produced unique, high-quality textiles and carpets for the luxury market. characterized by individuality and attention-to-detail, each kinnasand carpet is handcrafted by the world’s finest weavers using state-of-the-art technologies.

designed by creative director isa glink, kinnasand has received a number of prestigious national and international design awards, including the german design award, the interior innovation award, the icff editors award, the designpreis der bundesrepublik deutschland and the reddot design award.

“…but what makes kinnasand carpets extraordinary is the knowledge and innovative creative process that leads to cutting-edge designs”, said oscar glottman. “progressive and experimental, kinnasand carpets reflect the bright, joyful and pure sensibility of the nordic people. and that’s the way we love kinnasand.”

without further ado, browse the kinnasand selections below. for more, visit our kinnasand page here.

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