why glottman loves lighting from laura meroni…


“the materials and the minimalistic sculptural design are what make laura meroni lighting unique. each light fixture is an art object that can easily become the main feature of any room,” says oscar glottman.

the light wall (see images below) is a series of configurable brass panels and modules available in varying sizes that can be used to create interesting experiences with shadows and light. perfect for art collectors and galleries, the light wall is just one of innumerable high tech lighting fixtures honed from an artisanal perspective.

“laura meroni cleverly exploits the unique skills of master craftsman,” says glottman. “they use the finest materials for ambitious clients and art collectors who like to differentiate themselves and their homes from common expectations.”

the light wall, along with other laura meroni lighting options, is available @ glottman. visit the glottman showroom and speak with one of our design associates or contact us at @ 305.438.3711. we’re here monday – friday 10am – 6pm and saturday 12pm – 8pm.

see more laura meroni products available @ glottman here: laura-meroni.