love the way you light

italy is 13,365 kilometers of highways and unpaved roads, street lamps and rows of grapevines, motorway cafés and balm-crickets, ancient monasteries and archeological treasures. one of those roads leads you to a white monolith and a stairway nestled between two walls of stacked pallets where long vertical windows and a little persimmon guards the entrance.

the building at the end of via romagnoli isn’t just any building. it’s the headquarters of viabizzuno—the world leader in lighting design solutions. for 20 years, viabizzuno has designed and invented lighting systems that create well-being through light.

“to design is to love,” said oscar glottman. “viabizzuno is the singular choice for sophisticated and complex interior lighting design projects because their products literally create a sense of well-being for the client.”

for example, the 094 system has long been one of our favorite systems. from this one system, comes many solutions. the 094 seamlessly integrates with the architecture and defies limitations. 094 defines spaces, volumes and surfaces. it can be fitted with different light sources to create a continuous line of light embedded into walls, ceilings, corners and even the floors–thereby revealing the character of a room. configurations are almost limitless.

for more information about the 094 and other viabizzuno lighting systems, visit glottman, contact us at 305.438.3711 or submit an inquiry. scroll through the images below and discover the versatility of the 094 system.

we’re here monday – friday 10am – 6pm and saturday 12pm – 8pm.

the glottman team



the 094 is versatile, flexible and fun. we’re able to configure unique shapes like our signature design: the total eclipse (of the heart). the 094 system can be fitted with different light sources and is conceived for a variety of architectural solutions. (discover the versatility of the 094 below.)