“furnishing my way means creating a habitat that’s ordered yet informal, versatile and welcoming….it must evoke emotions and curiosity, it has to become an oasis of colours and moods, a snug shell full of appealing, unusual elements in out-of-the-mould arrangements…” -rosita missoni

designed by jacco bregonje & manufactured by dutch furniture company artifort, the patch chair celebrates the famous italian fashion label missoni. they inspired each other to produce an innovative chair dressed in an iconic missoni home patchwork fabric or a missoni black and white space dyed seamless knit produced in collaboration with stoll, the famous knitting machine producer. the result: the patch one/patch two and the patch knit one/patch knit two.



jacco bregonje graduated from the famous eindhoven design academy. bregonje has grown up with artifort. the two butterfly fauteuils in his parents’ home were not just used for sitting quietly. when he was asked which dutch brand he wanted to work for, his answer was artifort. his first design for artifort appeared in 2007 – the magnolia fauteuil. this was followed by the patch, the result of collaboration between missoni home and artifort.

the unique feature of this design is the perfect fitting cover, a three-dimensional one-piece knit. it’s as if the chairs were wearing a close-fitting sweater that perfectly accentuates every curve. it’s an intriguing design with the cover following the organic lines of the shell and yet there is no visible stitching and not a drop of glue was used. the cover and the chair seem to be an inseparable whole. another special fashion detail is the arm patch. this provides extra protection and an exciting graphical accent and is inspired by the leather arm patches.


the patch chair is available by special order from glottman. for more information, contact glottman @ 305.438.3711 or visit us monday – friday 10am – 6pm.