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Whether you’re looking for a completely new design, or the right piece to augment an existing look, Oscar Glottman is your man. “I have a deep understanding of design that rises from an architectural background and 10 years of experience representing more than 150 lines of European products, building materials and systems,” says Glottman. In addition to his design work, Glottman also runs Glottman Anteprima, a one-stop shop for utterly unique — and utterly fabulous — furniture and art. Design philosophy: “We believe in creating environments that are enhanced by products and materials born from technological advancements in the field of design. In every project there’s a special focus on color, light and comfort as well as a concern to capture each client’s particular lifestyle and unique personality.”

Essential must-haves: “Every home must have a thoroughly developed lighting design scheme in order to maximize its potential and yield the best impression.” Trend predictions: “We’re going to see a lot more homemade design, as well as creative ways to “super-use” existing materials following the zeitgeist brought about from the need to adapt to a new economic order.”

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