may the light be with you

in a kitchen, far, far away, imagine playing master chef in the dark. 18” stainless steel knife poised in hand. your other hand holds down the summer squash waiting to be diced. as the kids dart through the kitchen like shadows, your phone rings. the dog chases the cat. chaos reigns supreme. you hit accept (by accident).

proper kitchen lighting is essential for safe cooking and safe living. with the kitchen at the center of contemporary living, it’s important to have the right lighting to be the master chef of this very busy space.

there are 3 types of lighting that must be considered when designing your kitchen–ambient, task and decorative. beyond that, there are fundamental lighting rules to better lighting. keep it simple. don’t skimp on task lighting. make sure you consider adding under-cabinet fixtures. (this will help when it comes time to cut the veggies.) no strip lights at the back corner of the wall cabinets. it will shine light in your eyes and make cooking an unnecessary hazard.

kitchen lighting isn’t a piece of cake. that’s why glottman lighting services are here to help ensure your kitchen is properly lit.

so scroll down to learn a few tips on lighting your kitchen properly or make an appointment with a glottman lighting specialist today and see your kitchen through a “whole” new light.

viabizzuno 094 system

1 – follow the ceiling height rule of thumb for technical light. To determine how far apart to space your technical lights, divide the height of the ceiling by two. If a room has an 8 foot ceiling, you should space your lights approximately 4 feet apart. If the ceiling is 10 feet, you’ll want to put about 5 feet of space in between each fixture.

2 – place technical lights about 3 ft from the wall in order to avoid shadows.

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viabbizuno 094 and zero

3 – add task lighting under the wall cabinets. make sure to mount the lights behind the fascia board at the front of the cabinet. they’ll be hidden from view and not shining in anyone’s eyes, but the light will be directed down on to the counter.

4 – although we love shadows at glottman, they should be saved more for the dining experience than the kitchen, instead we prefer to light properly and dim for entertainment purposes.

5 – choose the right decorative lamp for your kitchen island or seating area. Make sure it complements the kitchen and your décor in general, without taking away from it.

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