last thursday, lúkaha couture crafted clutches + purses by artktr held their world premiere launch party at glottman. check out the photos from our world premiere launch party. stop by the showroom and browse these one of kind creations made from repurposed materials and refashioned into a purse which also opens up into a jewelry box.

more about lúkaha: “lúkaha”, a limited series of one of a kind couture crafted clutches + purses conceived by artist pepe villegas in collaboration with fashion illustrator juan diaz and design consultant oscar glottman.

“lúkaha” clutches + purses are collectable, handcrafted, wearable art made from refashioned components and detailed with an original illustration. an architectural display case that disassembles into a signature jewelry box completes each sculptural object of desire.

innovative, quirky and highly-personalized, “lúkaha” speaks to us and invites us to look within and discover that we, too, are greater than the sum of our parts.