moooi carpets to complete your home

The floor. That crucial part in your home that forms the base of your interior style, literally. Adding a carpet makes your home feel inviting, warm, luxurious, and spacious. It adds texture, depth and character to a room.

Compare a carpet with the right pair of shoes. After thoughtfully selecting your outfit, you pair it with the perfect shoes to complete the outfit. The same goes for your home. You curate your interior with care. You fill it with extraordinary designs and personal items. Everything together tells the story of who you are and what is important to you. Adding the perfect carpet completes your story, or perhaps it’s the beginning? Whether it’s the first chapter or the last or somewhere in between, a carpet plays a crucial part in your story, your home. We offer an in-stock selection of your favorite Moooi Carpets on our website. Discover the perfect carpet that fits your story!

Moooi Carpets complete your home

There are few things so versatile as carpets, and Moooi Carpets fully embodies that versatility. The light colors in carpets Bubble, Fold and Dodo Pavone lighten up dark spaces. Contemporary interiors will love the clean lines of Maze and Blended carpets. Neutral interiors in need of color will thrive with The Menagerie of Extinct Animals or Eden Queen carpet. Those same carpets would create perfect harmony in your botanical themed interior, like carpets Fluid and Walking on Clouds would; two opposites that bring nature inside in a whole different way.

No matter what carpet you bring home; it can bring your room together or create a plot twist. Will it demand all attention or form a calm base that makes your furniture stand out even more? Whatever shape, size and color you choose, a carpet completes your home.

Moooi Carpets are works of art… on your floor

Unique, iconic, and breathtaking with an endless mix of colors, playful illusions of depth and photo-realistic designs. You could say Moooi Carpets has an amazing art collection shaped as rich and refined carpets. Their revolutionary high-definition printing techniques makes even the most intricate designs possible in full color.

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