new cor sofa and chairs for 2017

built by hand, built for you

let’s talk about COR quality.

why is it so important to invest in a sofa that you love, interact with and surrender yourself to everyday? it’s quite simple. nirvana is a sofa that is physically and spiritually restorative and decorative.

the right sofa makes you feel better, lighter. it makes you want to never get up, not because you can’t, but because you don’t want to. a sofa is a long-term investment that will have a profound impact on your body and your relationships. in fact, the lifespan of a sofa ranges from 7 – 15 years and that relationship should be spent in a COR sofa.

COR builds to your needs and uses high quality materials inside and out that place absolute comfort above all else. just take a look at thenew sofas & chairs for 2017 and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

take a test chill on COR at our mimo showroom.

design by jehs + laub

the latest member of the mell family is a furniture invitation to a cosy rendezvous with friends, family or colleagues. the separate seat cushions and high back of this youngster designed by jehs + laub are so softly upholstered that they allow you to think, talk, eat, play or work endlessly ‘around the corner’. The elegant subframe made of chromeplated or lacquered steel cuts a good figure in any room.

design by f.w. möller

there are good reasons why the conseta was not only ahead of its time then, but is today, over 50 years later, more current than ever. cor never stopped tweaking the conseta: dimensions, upholstery, fabrics, colours, leather, and because it has new skids – made of gently shimmering black chrome it stays true to the motto ‘new since 1964’.

design by team form ag

as flexible as life and a very private living style: using just three basic elements, countless favorite places or entire seating landscapes can be created with trio. seating element, back-rest and corner-rest. trio comprises these three simple elements, which offer an almost endless range of combinations & in just a few moves.

design by uwe fischer

come into my arms,’ this chair seems to say, with its gently curved side rests reaching out invitingly to the observer. and you feel a sense of security as you settle down into it. this is due highly to the generous seat surface with its softly cambered seat cushion and high back angle that brings the spine into the perfect upright position. the roc feels right at home in any space.

design by metrica

pilotis is the sofa that wants to be inhabited. the deep seat and reclining elements – angled or straight – open themselves up to a playful connection with tables and shelves that create a living space made for more than just sitting. the optional extension increases the height of the back and armrest enhancing one of the best features of pilotis: the ability of being a great retreat.

design by jehs + laub

when it comes to snugness, this delicate occasional easy chair is like the most beautiful of flowers. its body unfolds like a calyx and is made from one single piece. a circular base — optionally on gliders or a rotating plate — that rises up to the rounded square seat surface and then flows to the high backrest. choice of fabrics, leathers and colors are entirely up to the owner of this attractive seating furniture. the flint is so comfortable that it can easily knock you off your stool — if it weren’t so stable.

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