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the wingback has never looked so good.

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big things:

carefully curated and delicately selected, our top and exclusive brands feature furniture, accessories and systems (doors, technical lighting, wall finishes, and textiles). with the ability to select color, finishes, fabric and more, glottman is the premiere furniture and design destination. visit us today and let us help you with your interior life.

little things:

we know how important it is to find the perfect gift. our carefully crafted design gift shop, is home to unique objects, 3d jewelry, innovative gadgets, books, decorative lighting, home accessories and more! we also carry very unique pieces created by local artists exclusive to glottman to take home with you. at glottman there’s something for everyone!

may the light be with you!

the air kitchen continues to impress

lago’s air kitchen impresses judges at 25th premio compasso d’oro adi.
may the light be with you!

air wildwood: a table with a soul

discover the table that went through 22 models to arrive at the definitive prototype. the air wildwood from lago is a table like no other.
may the light be with you!

now that's amore

natural, alive and mesmerizing, eva’s plants bring new meaning to home decor. they breathe life into any interior or outdoor space.