new lago products for 2017

never stop x loving lago

a phrase synonymous with the feeling you get when you open yourself up to lago furniture & modular systems.  a feeling of limitless wonder, where you are the designer, and provided with the necessary tools, can create inspirational spaces that reflect your interior life.

this year, lago showed off its new products for 2017 which starred a new collection of home furnishings and interiors for household and public spaces alike.

that is very exciting! at least we think so, which means so should you!

there are some fresh new takes on existing products as well as some brand new designs that will have you ‘interacting’ with your interiors like never before.  trust me, just check out the ‘air wildwood t table’, with built in wi-fi that gives you the ability to download & play music or even take that important business call. awesome! i know!

so have a look at the latest from lago and remember…never stop loving life. it will never stop loving you.

air wildwood sofa
design by daniele lago

a sofa with modular seats, suspended on extra-clear tempered glass legs. featuring a stunning, off-centre wildwood back (completely finished on both sides) that can be repositioned whenever and however you like. the air wildwood sofa can be set against a wall or in the middle of the room and thanks to an innovative technological, patented aluminium frame, the off-centre back can be configured in various ways. and with the ability to customize the sofa with any of the lago fabrics, you can create a piece that easily adapts to different rooms and personalities.

36e8 wildwood storage
design by daniele lago

36e8 is expanding to include new variants, introducing the new 36e8 wildwood storage containers. thanks to its refined construction with a 45° profile and aluminium joint, the modules can be made entirely of wildwood or in the side version, for original compositions where one side differs from the rest, playing with volume and breaking up the rhythm of the forms, adding dynamism.

36e8 glass sideboards
design by cristina celestino

the world of lago sideboard storage has expanded to include new modular 36e8 glass modules that integrate both the painted and wildwood 36e8 storage. they are stand-alone pieces that integrate with the other elements without needing to be mounted on the wall, adding lightness and deep reflections to the space.

vertigo table
design by daniele lago

a table with clean, essential lines that creates an evocative sense of suspension, playing on the apparent absence of one of its legs. the table top is supported by one wooden leg and one invisible sheet of extra-clear tempered glass, attached to the top using an integrated attachment system. the wooden planks of the table top are painted black and of varying widths, giving the surface an irregular rhythm.

wardrobe interiors
design by daniele lago

the varied hues of the wardrobe’s structure, interior components and back generate an elegant chromatic mood that plays with the perception of interior volumes. the back can be in two different colors, creating two different effects. the lighting system has also been updated with new integrated LEDs that give off a warm light, zero emissions and have an infinite duration, making the light of the wardrobe easier on the eyes and the wardrobe itself easier to use.

air wildwood t table
design by daniele lago

with ‘invisible technology’ integrated into the table surface, the air wildwood t table is an interactive table that can download and play music. you connect and configure the system using a smartphone and bluetooth. after that, the table can be independent of the device and connected to a wi-fi network for streaming tracks straight from spotify or internet radio, and you can use the ‘lago design’ app to manage the tracks. it can raise the volume for phone calls and conference calls, used as a work table in meeting rooms or common areas, and brings innovation & home-like feeling to the office. the interactivity of the table is also physical, and the tracks and call functions can be interrupted and restarted with simple gestures, like a tap on the wood surface, which has sophisticated hidden sensors inside. this technology was also conceived for extension to other product types and easy expansion with new functions, in a vision of a furniture system that can integrate with the user and connect multiple objects to one another.

mezzaestate fabric
design by cristina celestino

mezzaestate (‘midsummer’) is a jacquard fabric inspired by the world of dreams that features the amaryllis flower. sculptural and fragrant, the amaryllis has thick, meaty petals that lend themselves to use as an unexpected graphic motif. repeating the bud at various stages of development, actually creates the effect of a fabric with a geometric grid pattern, thanks to the use of a romantic, graceful design element.

new colors
by lago

tortora, cielo, lichene, ottanio, iuta, pesca, ruggine. guided by a passion for constant research, lago has created new colors for enriching domestic interiors. in collaboration with the politecnico di milano, it has developed new hues in fresh pastel tones with delicate, natural nuances, updating the lago color palette.

glottman mimo
exclusive lago dealer

as the exclusive lago dealer in the united states, we can provide you with the latest lago products and the ability to fully customize color, finishes, fabric and more. the italian luxury design brand fits seamlessy with glottman alive, our new concept for living that bridges the divide between cozy comfort and contemporary design. with lago, you are the designer. their modular way of customizing furniture makes it easy to create to your hearts content.  visit glottman mimo today or contact us for more information and “never stop loving lago!”