now that’s amore!

better than a box of chocolates

be unique and give that special someone a truly memorable gift. a gift that speaks from the heart and is handcrafted with love.

created by our very own eva glottman, each piece is meticulously put together using various organic and natural elements. an exquisite decorative object teeming with life.

available in various sizes, no two are ever alike. in fact, they are so extraordinary that we spent some time with eva to better understand her inspiration. read our interview below.

eva glottman

where did the idea for your plant collection come from?

eva: “the idea just came to me one day as I was out and about shopping. i knew i wanted to create something unique, organic and utilized raw materials. i first experimented with a mix of sea and land elements by combining coral and shells with things like wood and gourds for my first pieces. unfortunately, the gourds weren’t the easiest to work with, as I couldn’t always find the right one, and this led to the use of driftwood in the base framework. using this method allows me to concentrate on the uniqueness of the plant construction and natural design of the piece which leads to an eclectic mix of marine and terrestrial life.”

how long does it take to produce each piece?

eva: “each piece can vary drastically as finding the raw materials can take some time and no two conceptualizations are ever the same. the smaller pieces can take one to two hours with the larger pieces going far beyond that.”

what are your favorite pieces?

eva: “well, I love all of them, but if I had to choose it would have to be the pieces built around the spherical framework. it’s a beautiful form that gives me the freedom of constructing elements that need to be carefully balanced at every turn. the small spheres are delicate and practical while the bigger ones are complex and mesmerizing, but both are great at breathing life into any space.”

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