rewrite the rules of living


By taking a closer look at the new ways we are inhabiting spaces and listening to the needs of those who live in them, one of our beloved brands, LAGO, presents their new 2020/21 collection, designed to redesign the homes of tomorrow.

The result is a collection of finished “prêt à porter” products featuring LAGO’s sleek, timeless visuals, as well as a series of modular ranges. With these, we can craft tailor-made compositions designed to suit individual needs, for a flexible, contemporary lifestyle. Be inspired by these unique designs and build your new interiors.

The modular furniture can be reconfigured to create customized solutions

a simple series of joints allows the self-standing bookshelves and worktop to rotate, adapting the composition to any type and configuration of living space.

a versatile solution that enhances the cotemporary light design of the air system.

below are some Space-saving solutions to design flexible areas that integrate with any part of the home. Make the most of even the most hidden corners, adapting your home to suit your lifestyle needs.

living room

A simple gesture turns the 36e8 Desk into a comfortable workstation, the perfect solution for any home office.

The unit door becomes a functional desk, with LED lighting and sockets, customizable thanks to innovative XGlass finishes.


the flexibility of LAGO furnishings means that even the beating heart of the home, the kitchen, can be turned into a functional room that adapts to the work needs of all, young or old.


with all the different combinations available, even an intimate space like the bedroom serves its purpose as a work area when necessary.

other spaces

getting creative with the the lagolinea bookshelf will give your home office ample storage space without the clutter.

interested in one of the systems or products above? contact us for a consultation and let’s work together on your new work space.