made to measure

By creating homes from the inside out, Miami-based architect and interior designer Oscar Glottman produces stylish spaces that suit his clients’ lifestyles perfectly.

written for: rolls-royce owner’s club
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miami-based architect, interior designer, and retailer Oscar Glottman is highly regarded for his unusual approach to contemporary design. Challenging preconceived ideas, he manages the difficult feat of turning modern design—with its clean lines, vast, accessory-free spaces, and focus on function and organization—into warm living areas. In this way, Oscar not only proves that contemporary design and architecture don’t have to be cold and impersonal, but also builds homes that are, as he puts it, “about living, and not just about creating grandiose works showcased through design.”

Reverse process

Focusing on architecture, design, lighting, and furniture, his company, glottman, specializes in creating homes from concept through to completion, working in what he calls a “reverse process” of making homes “from the inside out.”

“Rather than focusing on the macro scale, I start from the smallest detail and then work out to the entire building,” he says. “Otherwise, the comfort and the fit of a client’s lifestyle are second to the architecture, and people end up having to learn how to live in their building.”

Adopting this approach with a strong emphasis on comfort, glottman “humanizes” contemporary designs—an approach that attracts clients from Florida and beyond. “They feel comfortable working with me because I am able to connect with them on a level that isn’t just about purchasing very luxurious products and trying to fit them in a room,” says Oscar.

His company does everything under one roof, from architecture and interior design to owner representation during construction. This makes it a very convenient process for Oscar’s clients, many of whom hail from as far afield as Europe and Latin America.

Another appealing quality is that glottman is well renowned for selling contemporary luxury brands that are at the forefront of design innovation.


Established, owned, and curated by Oscar, the showroom is an eclectic space where items are presented almost like art installations. A central composition shows the possibilities of how brands can come together, while vignettes around the perimeter feature individual brands. Thanks to this innovative setup, glottman has become the go-to place for unique furniture, lifestyle trends, and art installations.

Oscar’s architectural practice is, in fact, complemented by his own showroom, Glottman Anteprima, which represents over 100 companies and showcases furniture, lighting, textiles, and home accessories. In addition to providing glottman with immediate access to products that can help develop projects, this also offers clients the added benefit of having access to customized, site-specific products.

Leading showroom

“The showroom is of vital importance to us having a grasp of the full spectrum of materials and how they are used is key to any good project,” says Oscar. “I like the possibilities of every material and technology, and many of the factories that I work with are technologically very advanced. For example, some of them use 3D printing to create items that can be incorporated into daily life.”

“But then there are also other fantastic companies that are very crafty and artisanal, and use, for instance, fiberglass and resin,” he adds. “So, I don’t limit myself to any particular materials because they can all help me achieve my ultimate goal—to create an environment that reflects the owners’ lifestyle and makes them feel at home.”