"bubbles" by santiago bentancur z at the miami science museum

“bubbles” by santiago bentancur z at the miami science museum

glottman alive recommends colombian photographer and artist santiago betancur z. betancur z spent the last 11 years experimenting with and photographing soap bubbles–the same kind we use every day when we wash the dishes or take a bath.

“bubbles”, betancur z’s new exhibition at the miami science museum (august 1 – december 1, 2013), consists of photographs and video-recordings of soap bubbles that bentancur z captured using a complex technique that takes the viewer through his lens and inside the world of bubbles. Through this process, betancur z’s photographs reveal an intimate portrait of these magical objects that float and hover like mystical crafts that shape-shift into ever-changing domes of color and light.

(watch a preview of the exhibition here.)

what attracts us to betancur z’s photographs of bubbles is that they reveal their complex architecture–an architecture that is inherently fragile and unstable by design. this fleeting quality is what makes their presence even more valuable and attractive. when exposed to light, these celestial spheres dance and burst to life–take on their own personality and qualities–then disappear.

bentancur’s exhibition at the miami science museum shows us that sometimes we have to look to the micro world to discover universal beauty.

visit “bubbles” runs from august 1 – december 1 at the miami science museum. the miami science museum is located at 3280 south miami aveune; 305-646-4200; www.miamisci.org.