a patented product for living rooms, studies, offices, bedrooms and bathrooms with a design edge, the diagolinea shelf evolves with you. diagolinea developed out of the desire to create a system of dynamic lacquered shelves. it is an evolutive design that can meet desires and needs as they spring up over time. changing the geometric rules of the lagolinea system, diagolinea creates unstructured shelving where the individual shelves support one another at unexpected inclinations that seem to challenge the forces of gravity. this effect can be accentuated by the use of invisible bookends. the exclusive wall mounting system lets each element rotate on itself and thus change, in a simple, intuitive way, the original composition without having to reinstall it.

to purchase the colletto bed or nightstand from lago, contact glottman @ 305.438.3711 or shop glottman.com.

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