CURIOSITY HOME: a space designed for experiencing the pleasure of discovery, every day
Discovery is an everyday experience in spaces dressed up in the CURIOSITY mood, which translates the love for travel and desire for evolution into interiors. The décor, colours and materials react to the changes in natural light, in order to create perspectives that are always new and unexpected.



lago welcome milano duomo #1

In the heart of Milan, a mini design apartment where you can feel at home even while on holiday, immersed in a play of colour, light, transparencies and geometries.


at work torino @ ruta40 Tour Operator

An office and window on Latin America, designed to tell a story of trips, encounters and emotions, located on the top floor of a building in the historic centre of Turin.


appartamento lago dolomiti cibiana di cadore

A house that tells a story of true love—that of the tenants for the mountains—and open to everyone who wants to find out how our design can be interpreted at high altitudes.