viabizzuno is the name of the main road of the small village bizzuno where viabizzuno founder mario nanni was born. it’s located in the province of ravenna between the ‘casa del popolo’ and the local parish church. in this small village, innovative lighting emerged.

the campana brembana, designed by mario nanni (2007), is a light fixture for interior spaces. the dome shaped fixture is fitted recessed and is totally integrated within the architecture. it is built in white painted plaster. the semi–recessed version features a 350mm depth in the ceiling, with a 142mm external protrusion. the light exit hole is 550mm in diameter. the campana brembana is ideal for creating countless light effects. with the great versatility of this light fixture, light becomes diffused by modulating the different colour temperatures and by mixing the led’s together. the led sources and the fluorescent lamps can be dimmed in three different ways.

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