philippe intraligi is a master of his art. using his enormous talent designing adidas originals or creating brand identity for some of the brands we all know and love, intraligi created this colorful plaid wallet and pixel wallet with beauty in its simplicity.

to purchase intraligi from paper wallet, contact glottman @ 305.438.3711 or shop glottman.com.

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207226_sthumbphilippe intraligi is an artist specializing in a wide range of disciplines – branding, fashion, graphic design and illustration. multilingual and multifaceted, his creative imagery and precise design has led to close relationships with renowned clients around the globe including: metadesign, adidas originals, leagas delaney, age communication, ogilvy & mather and li-ning just to name a few. he runs studio intraligi in the heart of brooklyn, new york.