a comfortable upholstered easy chair with infrared remote control. rob, designed by christophe marchand, provides all this. together we have instilled the new functional easy chair with all the inner and outer values that go to make a piece of cor furniture: from seating comfort to the continuous antimacassar which conceals the interior mechanics.

to purchase rob, contact glottman @ 305.438.3711 or shop glottman.com.


christophe marchand

christophe marchand

christophe marchand was born in fribourg, switzerland, in 1965. he graduated in industrial design from the hochschule für gestaltung und kunst in zürich in 1991. beginning in 1998, he collaborated with the museum für gestaltung in zürich, for which he planned and set up various exhibitions. together with alfredo häberli, he founded the design development studio in zurich in 1993. since then he has worked on industrial design projects for major international companies.