martí guixé is an atypical creator. and this is why he rejects any labeling (because labels are limiting and basically suck) or attempt to classify him as a designer. in this profession he has been able to find his own space for expression in which he can develop naturally and with surprising liberty. his territory is that of ideas and his great merit is the ability to carry them out.

he handles abstract concepts to find solutions to specific problems. if someone asks him to design a chair, guixé will offer him an idea for sitting down. it seems easy but the fact is that there is no one else quite like him. at bd barcelona we invited him to plan a new cabinet to form part of the collection which includes such individual pieces as the elegant multileg by jaime hayon and the spectacular tout va bien by the french graphic artists antoine et manuel.

his proposal is called free port.

“it is a modular piece of furniture made of container cubes, with various functions. they have a dynamic both in their volume and in their position and finish. the woods, all different and all synthetic, are always on the inside.”

it is multifunctional. perfect for being the center for a party. It allows for different configurations, and can also work as an island piece. and if we ask guixé to do a double version in a larger size, he turns it over again —literally— and builds it with simple superposition.

for more information about the free port or other bd barcelona, contact @ 305.438.3711 or shop glottman.com.

authors_16_thumbmartí guixé was formed in barcelona and milan as an interior and industrial designer. 1994, while living in berlin, he formulated a new way to understand the culture of products. guixe started to exhibit his work in 1997, work that characterizes on the search for new product systems, the introduction of design in food and presentation through performance. his non-conventional gaze provides brilliant and simple ideas of a curious seriousness. he is based in barcelona and berlin and work as a designer for worldwide companies.