work with us

have you ever wanted to work in a really cool place that didn’t feel like work at all where all you had was fun and hung around listening to music and gossiping with your fellow workmates who are, without a doubt, the coolest people on the planet? well, that place doesn’t exist. if it did, it would probably be out of business in 3 months!

however, if you’re looking to work in a dynamic work environment and learn new things about interior design and art, architecture and grand unification theory, while selling really amazing stuff from the most respected global design brands, join glottman. we’re always looking for self-motivated and semi-self-assured individuals to make meaningful contributions to our business model while you grow as a member of our team.

if you want to join our team, email your resume to janine@glottman.com. include a 100 word introduction that shows what you will contribute to the glottman team.

assistant to general manager

glottman is looking for the right assistant to help our marvelous general manager. this of course means you too are marvelous and are willing to perform a variety of administrative activities to support the general manager. you will ensure the smooth flow of information and follow up between vendors and sales people for purchasing, sales people and their customers for sales, and customers and jobsite personnel for project management. if you feel comfortable handling purchasing, sales, project management duties and more, then check out the full job description and give us a shout.

p.s. don’t forget to attach your resume

retail sales associate :

glottman kinda’ wants you, but not in that way. we want to hire intelligent retail sales humans who are quirky and outgoing, yet uberly responsible. if you can pivot, smile and speak coherently and possibly in multiple languages about really super-freaking cool furniture and design products, we want you. so, if you think you’re awesome, or that little voice inside you says that you’re awesome but you just haven’t tapped into your awesomeness yet, stop in or click the button below and introduce yourself for real. we don’t bite [often].

p.s. don’t forget to attach your resume

technical sales person :

glottman seeks to hire a dynamic technical sales associate human who has serious mad skills for selling highly technical jobs from architectural lighting to decorative lighting systems, kitchens, closets, luxe doors, furniture and big ass projects. applicant should be Ph.D smart without the Ph.D attitude, but a Ph.D isn’t required. we won’t call you doctor if you have one anyway. said human should also have tight administrative skills and real-world experience (or the ability) to execute ginormous (and often times complex) sales with uberly-demanding yet highly scrumptious clients.

if you can be all that and more, and have great communications skills that can boil down super-complicated technical stuff in real-terms for our real-clients, we want you. so, if you think you’re awesome, i’m sure we’ll think you’re awesome (unless you’re delusional), stop in. introduce yourself.

submit a portfolio with resume, references and a 50 word personal statement of awesomeness.