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complex environments for complex personalities. playful & serious. free spirited & disciplined. dialectic & decentralized. open to endless & ever-changing possibilities for living. glottman carries over 100 international designer brands to make your home more beautiful, exciting & inspiring. curated with unique vision from worldwide sources, each of our brands uniquely harmonize & humanize experimental design with luxury.  experience our wynwood showroom monday – friday from 10am – 6pm.


st04 backenzahn by philipp mainzer

considered a design classic, the st04 backenzahntm has become an identifying icon for e15 and part of several permanent exhibitions in museums. with its four identical legs made of solid wood the stool gives a strong impression. the legs taper downward with two deliberate incisions. the slightly concave seat provides sitting comfort.


bigfoot by philipp mainzer

considered a design classic, the bigfoot has become an identifiable icon for e15. the table top is made up of seven or eight 1 5/8 inch thick boards. the solid wood legs always include the center of the tree. the square legs measure 5 1/4 x 5 1/4 inch and intersect with the table top featuring the end grain with its annual rings. during the seasoning of solid wood, the legs form their characteristic cracks, which make every table unique.


mushroom by eero aarnio

the mushroom is one of the oldest designs of eero aarnio and a nice completion to the famous fiberglass designs like pastil and ball chair.the first version was made of rattan and was a good running product in the early sixties. aarnio saod, “my first commercial design idea was a cane stool which I wove myself in 1954. in 1960 I expanded it into a whole family of products and found a manufacturer in hong kong. the first fiberglass samples of these stools were produced in the 70’s, and the actual production did not start until in the end of the 90’s.


ghost chair by cedri/martini

available in enamel or chrome fiberglass. this seat in a ghost sculpture coming with infinite variations of color and surface.

pa02 noah by philippe allaeys

the bed frame is 2 3/8 inch thick and made of four parts. the solid wood bed rests on runners with adjustable feet and floats. the mattress rests within the frame.


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this fiberglass seat is available in infinite colors in both the enamel and chrome versions. dimensions: width 40 x height 100, depth 45.