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a space like no other where quality of life & light are at the center. color it with the sun, the sky, the sea. color it with your imagination where anything is possible. glottman carries over 100 international designer brands to make your home more beautiful, exciting & inspiring. curated with unique vision from worldwide sources, each of our brands uniquely harmonize & humanize experimental design with luxury.experience our wynwood showroom monday – friday from 10am – 6pm.


maxima bed from laura meroni

black lacquered wood with printed fabric headboard. wall paper mural from flavor paper. moooi paper nightstands (white), .mgx open cube lamps & fata morgana rectangular area rug.


open_cube by .mgx

part of the .mgx classics collection, and now available only in very limited quantities, this design played an influential role in the history of .mgx. as much a piece of architecture as a lamp, the open_cube.mgx resembles a translucent piece of amber when off, and creates a light and airy effect when switched on.


margherita chair by vittorio bonacina

the margherita is an original armchair in rattan created by the world-famous designer and architect franco albini. characterized by a mild, articulate, and complex shape, it’s an excellent illustrative example of the concept of grace and naturalness.


emperor floor lamp by neri & hu (for moooi)

once upon a time an asian emperor received as a gift a nightingale. the charming bird sang so beautifully that the emperor always wanted it by his side. he placed the nightingale a majestic hand woven bamboo cage in the imperial chambers and listened, enchanted, to the magic sound…


creus by riva 1920

this is a truly unique armchair. it is a “sculpture” featuring ergonomic and sinuous design lines, conceived for a relax area in the house. the item is carved out of a single block of solid cedar wood and it is finally smoothened to obtain a perfectly ergonomic seat and back. the armchair features a revolving base made of opaque satinized metal. to make creus even more special and customized there is the possibility of adding a leather upholstered vintage.